1992 -94 The old school game in 1992: The delegation from Germany. Talking with teacher / inside and the school office was under construction.






Groundbreaking for the new school in 1998


The Projekstsgelände over 4ha. was a piece of wood. When the project was made free with the help of residents




School Construction and Opening Ceremony 2002





2006 -07

Setting up a sewing - Training Workshop






School promotion activities and visits by delegations in 2012







Establishment of a new carpentry - Training Workshop



The coordinator VIVO Togo eV Mr. AMAVI to visit in Recklinghausen sculpting. visit TÜV-Nord Recklinghausen 




 The previous water supply







 Water Tower and drilling work in 2011




Drinking water systems in 2011 





2012 - 14 

Construction of school living house





Transport vehicle for the training center





2012 - 2015


Establishment of a cafeteria